Why do I have to pay? Isn't searching for unclaimed money free?
It is free to search each state's database of unclaimed money accounts. There are approximately 54 publicly available databases which are free to search. If you would like to take the time to search this way, you can do so. However, you will have to find each of these databases and perform a separate search in each one. This could take over 100 hours to do. That is why our paid service so much better. It makes your search fast and easy since we have compiled all these databases together in one location. If you would like to conveniently search our database, you can do so by paying our small subscription fee. Keep in mind that we have spent over $10,000 and hundreds of man-hours building this website to make searching for unclaimed money fast and easy, but if you want to do it yourself to save money - that's fine too. Good luck with your search!

Updated: November/21st/2004